Relocation Services


Relocation. That’s really what happens in every move. Whether it’s down the street, across town or even from/to a different continent. The more complex the move, the more important it is to coordinate the process. With today’s technologies we can help “improve the move” by sifting through all of those complexities, making the relocation as stress-free as possible.

Often we work closely with relocation companies through our client’s employer. Understanding that world (the relocation company world) is critical. Each relo-company works a bit differently so we communicate directly with them to ensure that your services are clearly understood and delivered. The “relocation package” can differ from company to company and even within a company. Our goal is to maximize your benefits while helping you secure the housing you desire. Sometimes that even includes the highly-scattered, difficult to navigate rental market if that becomes your first move.

We often find clients appreciate our ability to connect you with brokerage services with a qualified professional either for your new destination, or in the area you are leaving to relocate to Maine. Our international network through RE/MAX is often helpful in these situations. Even though the world keeps getting smaller, it never feels that way when it’s time to relocate.