For Sellers

Classic New England home,  Maine,Mount Desert Island, Acadia National Park

Selling a home is so different than the buying process.  More than anything it’s a marketing event.  But beyond that it is about your move so it’s important we understand where that will take you.  It’s at the beginning when some of the most important decisions are made.  Will your move require you to sell your home first?  If so, what is the ideal timing and the possible flexibility?  What is your plan if the home sells quickly?  The good news is that as the seller you are in the driver’s seat.

We work with you to establish a marketing price for your home utilizing the latest technology to provide a careful analysis of the market.  What did similar homes sells for?  What is the current competition?  What sets your home apart from the competition?  The old adage “you never have a second chance to make a good first impression” is so valid when selling your home.  We will suggest some strategies for your home to look its best and then do our utmost to portray that result to the buying and brokerage community.

Yes, it is marketing but we all recognize that for the buyer purchasing your home it can be a very emotional decision and if we do our job well, buyers will see the difference from the time they first notice your home to the time they turn the key before going to the closing.  It really becomes the little things that make a difference.  We pay attention to the little things – all the way through.

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